What’s in a name: dietitian vs nutritionist

The Better Business Bureau released a report cautioning consumers about who you take nutrition advice from.  The BBB further explained that an RD (dietitian) is the expert in nutrition and to be aware that “nutritionists” do not complete the same training.  In fact in many states, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist.  In Pennsylvania, RDs are also required to be licensed with the state and have the credentials of “RD, LDN”.  Part of licensure prevents non-dietitians from calling themselves “nutritionists” however do not assume because someone is providing nutrition advice in Pennsylvania that they are an RD as “loop holes” still exist.  The following is the BBB video explaining differences between RDs and Nutritionists.  I will say I am irritated at the poise of the RD featured.  He could use some coaching as his message on education requirements is lost in the “likes”.

To verify if an someone is an RD and licensed in Pennsylvania go to http://www.licensepa.state.pa.us/ and select Dietitian-Nutritionist.


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