FroYo… Trendy but not so “healthy”

Well Dr. Oz revealed in early June the misnomer of Frozen Yogurt as a health food when he featured Samantha Heller, MS, RD, CDN. 


And I have to agree, which I don’t often agree with Dr. Oz, especially when he contradicts himself with different diets daily (but I digress).

FroYo has been around for years.  Remember TCBY shops from the 80’s/90’s?  And I’m accustomed to the self-serve shops as a native Jersey girl, but have noticed them popping up now in PA so felt it important to discuss especially in the hottest days of summer.

FroYo is a “yogurt base” but this does not make it a miracle health food or give you a pass to eat in large quantities. Think back to low-free oreos, knowing they were low-fat created the faulty logic that you could eat more than the regular oreo and actually consumed more calories than if you enjoyed the real thing!  So yes there may be some active cultures in FroYo, but you could also get the health benefits of probiotics from 1c of regular or Greek yogurt with fruit in the morning.  An 8oz serving of FroYo contains about 200-240 calories.

Now to top it off….   You could easily triple the calorie content!  It is difficult to limit your toppings when there are more than 50 in front of you.  But keep in mind, all those crushed up pieces of candy, are still candy.  And you likely were not intending to go out for “trendy ice cream” with 2 candy bars on the side right?  There are also fruit toppings available to choose from.

So how can you beat the heat and enjoy this FroYo treat without overdoing it?  Keep it simple!                                                                                           1. Select a simple base flavor as your FroYo since the more added flavorings the more calories.   And limit your portion to 1c.                                    2. Try to stick to 1 small spoonful of the 2 0r 3 toppings you want most that night.  The other 50 or so will be there next week!  Just add enough to garnish your yogurt.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            3. Be nutrition savvy in the Grocery Store as well.  I recently saw Frozen Greek Yogurt, but upon reviewing the ingredient list vetoed it since the 2nd ingredient “Cherries” was followed by the explanation of “high fructose corn syrup” in parenthesis.  I can easily freeze a flavored Greek yogurt for better health benefits.


I am excited to read your thoughts/questions!!!

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