Wednesday’s Thought-spiration

Life is like a Bicycle…Image

In order to remain Balanced,

You have to keep moving forward.

In the field of nutrition, we talk a lot about balance: a balanced diet, balancing calories in and calories out, energy balance, etc.  Balance may be replacing moderation in the ‘vocabulary.  But Balance is far more than nutrients and calories.  Balance is your entire life.  As a dietitian with a holistic perspective on health and wellness, I believe that creating a balanced life depends on the intricate workings of a multitude of factors.


For example, if we are meeting for Nutrition Counseling Sessions and you tell me that you don’t eat “healthy” because you eat out a lot, well that is just the tip of the iceberg.  I like to explore why you need to rely on convenience food for meals or what your daily priorities are that precede planning for good nutrition.  For some clients it is a matter of pre-planning meals ahead of time so that they do not derail into the “take out trap” daily.  But for many others, it goes deeper, where they may be so over-scheduled that it is overwhelming and not feasible to pack a healthy lunch or currently make time for food shopping.  These lifestyle factors have disturbed the balance of nutrition, but resulting added stress can also hamper good nutrition as they may be triggered to eat other foods for comfort.  To restore the Balance for these individuals we work on evaluating their current lifestyle constraints and find small changes to improve the balance.  This could be reviewing menus for the restaurants they currently frequent for meals to determine what the more nutritious choices are.  Over time the client gains more control of their eating and is able to move forward towards the individual balance they desire. 

And remember… Just as you didn’t remain balanced and ride well the first time you got on a bicycle, the same is true for nutrition and life.  But if you keep peddling forward, making an effort to improve, you eventually learn how to balance, and life going forward can be second nature. 


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