Thursday Thoughtspiration: New Starts? Or Ends?

Although nobody can go back and make a new start, anyone can start now and create a brand new end!

Your life plan is not written in stone.  Yes, you may have a template laid out but it can be changed if you resolve to do so.  Often times, we dwell on shortcomings, pitfalls, relapses, etc and feel as though it is the way we are destined to be but that is not the case.  You have the power to make the changes to create yourself as you want to be!  A good friend of mine said to me the other week, “Erin I’ve never really learned much from my successes, but boy have I learned a lot of great things from my failures”. 

And yes I will relate this to my nutrition counseling practice.  Use your relapse or your slip up or difficult time where you “weren’t perfect” as the tool to guide you towards where you want to be.  Brainstorm the end you want and start to visualize the steps to get there. 


I am excited to read your thoughts/questions!!!

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