Feature in Suburban Life Magazine (Online July, Print August)

To help its members understand how the food they eat affects these goals, Devon Fitness recently hired registered dietitian Erin Andersen. She provides counseling for clients to help them reach goals pertaining to weight loss and improved performance. Andersen is passionate about preventative nutrition therapy and believes the connection between food, fitness and health go hand in hand with well-being. Her mission is to help improve her clients’ quality of life through healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes. She has experience with various medical conditions as well as mindful/intuitive eating, which she incorporates into her counseling practice. Under many of their health-insurance plans members pay nothing out of pocket to work with Andersen to improve their eating habits.

Improving one’s health requires a multipronged approach. “You have to incorporate all three,” McCaffrey says, namely, cardiovascular exercise, strength training and proper diet. “Our overall mission is all three,” agrees Hoekstra, noting that research shows exercise and proper nutrition can reduce the risk—or lessen the severity of—many health problems, including diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, cancer, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.

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