Rainy Day Blues? Have an indoor BBQ!

Well first we were hit with the heat and humidity, and now the rain has moved in, but that doesn’t mean dinner has to go back to boring staples or take out.  Before you pick up the phone and call the pizza delivery guy, consider having an indoor BBQ!!!!

I know most of you still have a George Foreman Grill, so take it out of storage and start grilling those chicken breasts, low-fat turkey burgers, lean hamburgers, and even veggie burgers.  (Or fire up the broiler on the oven as an alternative.)

Let a pot of Baked Beans simmer on the stove top for a sweet yet fiber packed addition to your indoor BBQ.  Baked beans have gotten a bad wrap lately as being full of sugar and “fattening” but stick with the original/plain variety and you can add nutritious variety to your meal.

1/2c Bush’s Original Baked Beans = 140 Calories, 1g Fat, 29g Carb, 5g Fiber, 6g Protein, 55og Sodium (*choose low sodium options the rest of the day to balance out sodium intake).

What BBQ is complete without corn on the cob? But instead of waiting for the corn to cook in the pot of boiling water, try this speedy indoor trick:   Place whole ears in the microwave without removing the husk!  Set for 5min on High.  Peal the ears when the cook time ends and enjoy!

Serve a side salad with the meal and include multi-grain buns for your “grilled meat” to increase your fiber intake.

Indoor Dessert?  Since we get to use electricity… Smoothies are in order!  Call it Left-over Fruit Smoothie Samplers.    In a blender combine a variety of fruits you have left in your refrigerator/freezer to make about 1.5c.  Add 10 oz of coconut water (or 8oz of yogurt) and 6-10 ice cubes.  Blend and divide into equal portions in small cups/glasses.



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