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I was watching”The Doctors” today on CBS and actually was impressed with most of the nutrition segment!

They discussed Genetically Modified Foods & an app to review the “nutrients” in your foods for whether it contains genetically modified organinsms (GMOS).  I do encourage everyone to review the text about this episode, watch the 1st 30min of the show if it is available “on demand”, or any clips on the site.  

But…  I want to go 1 step further!!!!  I’m weighing in!!!!

The “Fooducate” App:

Well the app likes to give grades so I will follow suit.  They get a B-.

Good use of pictures and lists. Simple to use.  Sticks to important info, but loses points when it comes to their rating system in “my book”.  I did a test where I compared the grades and info provided for Butter vs. Country Crock Margarine.  Butter got a C- and lost points for being high in saturated fat, while the margarine got a B- and lost points for containing EDTA (on the FDA toxicity watchlist).  What about the partially hydrogenated oil?  Why was that omitted from the list of negatives for the margarine?   Also I am a proponent for eating real foods including the foods that are high in fat, but in small amounts.  So butter can be a part of my meal pattern but I would only use 1 teaspoon on my toast!  I think our society has shifted towards eating “nutrients” as expressed in the book In Defense of Food and we have a lot of additives in the foods we eat.  So along with my philosophy to eat as close to the ground as possible and limit the steps in the production of my food, Butter fits while artificial margarine does not.


Well being an individual that wants to eat as healthy as possible, but does not necessarily choose organic items (cost based), I am very leery of GMOs in our food supply!  The more we process our food already the more problems we seem to develop.  Food allergies are on the rise.  Even the risk of distroying a “real” type of fruit/vegetable seems like a possibility through genetic modification still to me.  But then, what does it do in my body?

PLU Codes Reviewed:

Genetically Modified: unclear if a code really exists but if it did sources say it is  5 digits long and begins with the #8

*I’ve never seen a crop directly available to the public.  Most often, GMO produce is used in other foods or fed to other animals like feeding GMO corn to cows.

Conventionally Grown- 4 digits long, begin with the #4

Organic- 5 digits long, begin with the #9


I am excited to read your thoughts/questions!!!

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