How do we measure success: Quality vs. Quantity?

Quality= how good you do something

Quantity= how much you are able to do

Well it is the end of my week and as I looked back at my “work” (private practice dietitian), I was initially disappointed because the number of clients I saw was not what I expected for the week, nor where I’d like to be.  But upon further thought, I reflected on each of my sessions, and thought about the great progress my clients are making because of our “quality work”.  I really enjoyed all my clients this week.  There was a large focus on mindful eating and awareness of conducive eating environments.

So it is my challenge to myself to go beyond the numbers (client volume) when measuring my success as a private practice dietitian.  The clients I see right now are making positive changes to fit their lifestyle through my “work” and many have expressed to me that I have made a difference in how they approach food/eating.  I cannot wait for my practice to grow so I can help more people live a healthier lifestyle while maintaining my focus on quality!


I am excited to read your thoughts/questions!!!

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