My posting to The View regarding Dr. Lindsey Duncan

    Wow I am alarmed by your feature on Super Foods.  This is not what a Registered Dietitian (the leading expert/authority on nutrition) would typically consider super foods as.  Super Foods (AKA Functional Foods or Nutriceuticals) provide a health benefit beyond basic nutrition. They can be naturally occurring in a food like oatmeal which contains beta glucan to reduce cholesterol.  Another example the many phytochemicals in fruits/vegetables which have been shown to prevent cancer by neutralizing free radicals.  A functional food can be created by enriching or fortifying a different food with the substance that provides health benefits.

      The “Doctor” you featured mentioned that there are no are no side effects, just like there are no side effects to garlic.  Well sorry to say, this is untrue.  For example, garlic would be contraindicated on someone on Coumadin as it can further thin the blood!  Also, some of the products Dr. Duncan discussed may not be considered a food, but rather as a “supplement” which does not go through the same FDA review for safety/health.  Green coffee bean contains caffeine which does in fact include side effects!  Current research on green coffee bean is limited as well.  Caffeine in general can cause insomnia, restlessness, stomach upset, nausea and vomiting, increased heart rate, increased respiration.  In our society, there is a common trend that if a certain amount is good than more must be better!  So, consuming large amounts of caffeine through this supplement may result in headaches, anxiety, agitation, ringing in the ears, and irregular heartbeats.    Taking in excess caffeine leaches the bones of calcium which is needed to prevent osteoporosis.  Those with cardiac health problems or on certain medications may be instructed to only have decaf coffee, therefore this supplement may also be unsafe.  In 2010, the FDA issued a “warning letter” to Xenedrine for including a label claim that the green coffee bean extract reduced the amount of carbohydrate absorbed.  The FDA concluded that research in humans did not substantiate this claim.  I would not recommend products containing green coffee bean extract as there is limited research on its effectiveness in general, in addition to not going through stringent FDA trials/analysis due to marketing as a supplement.  Raspberry Ketones are another supplement in this category!  Let’s be clear these are not foods and are not well studied for effectiveness as well as safety.  To further illustrate my point, do you remember ephedra which was in many weight loss drugs?  It wasn’t until serious health effects (heart attack, death) occurred that regulations were made banning the use.

     The first step in evaluating a product should include assessing the reliability of the source.  If they are funded or receive financial gain as a result of promoting the product, one should question the credibility of the information.  If I were selling a supplement and published a study on it or promoted its sale, this would be an alert that I may not provide an unbiased view.  Lindsey Duncan sells supplements including the green coffee bean extract that he promotes.  I would be cautious with how well he will present an accurate portrayal of the product since it impacts his financial gain.  In addition, if only the positives are presented, it raises the question as to whether the person is a credible source of information.  Then it is important to evaluate the credentials of the person for credibility.  Do they have the expertise in the area?  I would like to know more about Lindsey Duncan’s credentials and education to determine this.  His background seems vague.  I could not determine what education he has gone through to become a Naturopathic Doctor (ND).  Only 16 states in the US recognize the credential of ND.  ND training includes basic medical diagnostic tests and procedures such as medical imaging and blood tests, as well as vitalism and pseudoscientific modalities such as homeopathy. Some states do view the ND as similar to a primary care physician.  The scope of practice which determines what a particular health professional is able to do varies widely based on location, and naturopaths in some unregulated jurisdictions may use the Naturopathic Doctor designation or other titles regardless of level of education.  Critics of the ND indicate that “evidence based practice/medicine” is not included in this profession.  Meaning that as other professions are moving towards basing recommendations on scientific evidence, naturopathy is not.  Now moving on to the letters “CN”.  A CN is not a registered dietitian.  In some cases it is a “certified nutritionist” whose education include 6 distance learning courses followed by a test.  This is not a qualified nutrition professional.   Unless a state has licensure over the term “nutritionist” the title can be used without professional expertise.  For example, I am a LDN (Licensed Dietitian and Nutritionist) because the state of Pennsylvania has established licensure for the term “nutritionist” which prevents unqualified individuals from calling themselves nutritionists.  A Registered Dietitian is the professional that can be considered a Nutritionist in Pennsylvania.  However, in New Jersey (where I was raised) licensure for the term “nutritionist” has not been passed yet.  Technically, a plumber in NJ could hang a sign outside calling himself a “Nutritionist”, so an RD (Registered Dietitian) is the credential to look for when seeking nutrition advice.  In Lindsey Duncan’s web introduction, it became evident that he may be using the term “CN” to abbreviate “celebrity nutritionist”.  To me, this is highly deceiving.

Going forward, I would strongly urge The View to consult Registered Dietitians with regard to segments on nutrition, weight loss, supplements, etc.  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ( can provide you with RDs who are available for such segments as well as a plethora of nutrition information that is evidence based.  Some of us are just as congenial as people who are typically featured to sensationalize nutrition.


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  2. I was so grateful to find your response to the Lindsey Duncan’s presentation on The View. I had assumed that the people who brought him on the program would have checked out the information about what he was touting before allowing him to speak about it. Not until I went online to check, did I realize that he is in the market of selling these pills. As you say he has a financial gain motive. After reading you article, I will not buy his products, but how many people were fooled into believing what he said because they “saw it on The View?!

    • You need to do the research on the people he has helped and his research. The soil is depleted the water is toxic , the air is polluted, Americans are over weight, Cleans the body so it can heal itself, balance our ph, than build. That is what it is all about. Your body is a temple. You can not eat without toxans. The foods are toxic Ask a farmer to plant without pesticides, he can not produce enough harvest to profit. Do not prejudge on hear say.

  3. Well thank you for this post. He mentioned that you’re guaranteed to drop those last 10 pounds in that segment and that’s exactly what I’m struggling with. I came home today to see if I could google the four products that he featured in the View segment. I’m happy to have come across this article or I too would have been duped into buying these products.

  4. The Green Coffee Bean Extract issue arose because it was in a medical journal known as the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome & Obesity Journal and the study did have positive results from the extract with no side-effects. Granted, the pills should be Svetol or GCA, with no fillers or additives and no “special formulary” and no caffeine, and it should have greater than 45-50% of chlorogenic acid which is the active ingredient. That is my understanding, that if you get it this way from a reputable maker (made in the USA) and if it satisfies the above requirements, there are no down sides to it if used in moderation.

  5. As a consumer of Dr. Lindsey Duncan’s products and as a Registered Nurse who does his homework… I can say that he is the real deal. In fact you did exactly what you are lecturing us not to do… you said don’t take his word for it until we investigate… however, here are many readers of your article who automatically dismiss what he is doing because they simply read your article. Do the research… he is an ND of the highest order… and he is the most intelligent nutritionist on the scene.

    • Pure Intent, your claim of being “…a consumer of Dr. Lindsey Duncan’s products…” is a bit disingenuous. You should have disclosed that you are part of a MLM network controlled by Duncan, Genesis Pure, and as such, you make money to promote his products and to tout his credentials. The fact that you are here pretending to be an ordinary consumer when there’s much more to it than that, puts a big dent in your objectivity and credibility.

  6. Dr. Lindsey Duncan’s Story
    Born in Texas in 1962, Dr. Duncan moved to California in 1982 to study with the legendary and distinguished detoxification expert Dr. Bernard Jensen, Ph.D. Dr. Duncan studied and worked with Dr. Jensen for several years, spending much of his time assisting Dr. Jensen at his famous healing retreat in Escondido, California. After being certified by Dr. Jensen in many healing modalities and techniques, Dr. Duncan completed his alternative health education with dual degrees in Nutrition and Naturopathy.

    Dr. Duncan opened the Home Nutrition Clinic in Santa Monica, California in 1985. Home Nutrition is world-renowned in the field of nutrition and natural health. His clients have included radiation victims of Chernobyl, as well as many of the world’s leading political figures, musicians, film and television celebrities. His clinical experience and expertise has helped thousands of people overcome a variety of health symptoms ranging from very serious chronic illnesses to complaints, such as stomach and intestinal disorders, migraines, depression, weight problems, arthritis, PMS and much more. Dr. Duncan has been sought after far and wide, with clients coming to his offices from all over the world. At his busiest, new clients were put on a 12 to 24 month waiting list. Overwhelmed, Dr. Duncan
    began teaching his methods and techniques to other health professionals and opened additional Home Nutrition Clinics in Los Angeles, California and Boulder, Colorado, in order to accommodate his escalating client base.
    The 1980’s
    During the 1980’s Dr. Duncan, a master herbalist and formulator, began developing herbal and nutritional formulations specifically tailored to the needs of his clients. The formulas were a huge success, and Dr. Duncan established an extremely successful company in charge of marketing his products to health food stores and health care professionals. The company experienced massive growth with Dr. Duncan
    at the helm. His unique and powerful formulations won multiple gold medals in various categories at the prestigious Vity Awards, a national vitamin competition that sets the standards for nutritional supplement rankings (Duncan ‘s most famous formulation has set the standard for cleansing products in the supplement industry and has remained the number one best seller for almost a decade).

    Eventually, Dr. Lindsey’s company went public and was a hot commodity on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Dr. Duncan experienced continued success with his company, eventually being nominated as a finalist in Ernst & Young’s national Entrepreneur of the Year program in 1996. He was highly praised in the financial community for creating one of the fastest growing nutritional companies in the world.
    A Recognized Leader
    Dr. Lindsey currently sits on several natural health boards and is a highly sought after public speaker and lecturer. He is a member of the American Herbal Products Association, the Herb Research Foundation, and Iridologist International. He has traveled extensively in the United States and Europe with renowned motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, lecturing on health and nutritional issues and how they apply to physical, mental and financial self-improvement.

    Dr. Duncan ‘s expertise in the natural health world is accentuated by the many invitations he receives from producers of various news programs and talk shows, as well as national magazine writers and editors, for his opinions and views on various natural health subjects. Dr. Duncan has educated consumers through a series of appearances on prime-time national and regional television and radio programs, in addition to interviews with newspapers and national magazines. To date, Dr. Duncan
    has appeared on hundreds of leading television news programs on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN Airport Network, CNBC and America’s Talking Cable Network. Several television specials featuring his products ran for over 3 years in Puerto Rico. He has appeared as a special guest on hundreds of national and regional radio shows and has been a featured expert on the BBC in London, United Press International Radio and USA Cable Radio Network. Dr. Duncan also writes bylined articles that regularly appear in national health magazines.


    Dr. Duncan believes that education is the key to health and wellness. When lecturing to crowds he constantly says, “If I can give you one piece of advice, it is this… Educate yourselves. Learn all you can about your body through books, websites, seminars, teachers and more. The more you educate yourself, the better you can take care of yourself and your family, for ultimately, you are in charge of your health and welfare… no one else can do a better job!”
    Dr. Lindsey’s work is a result of his many years of hard-won wisdom and expertise in the natural health field. Dr. Duncan touts education and decisive action as being the key to improving all aspects of health. His effective, emotional, and often times humorous seminars, lectures, educational study courses, newsletters, conference calls, website interaction, and other learning materials have literally changed people’s lives.

    • Who is this Mark Ketchum character? He seems a sociopath who has swallowed the last drop of the Kool-Aid. Proselytize away from your soapbox. I’m not even interested in this topic and your rant would scare me away.

      • Who is this Nathan Guerre character? He seems a sociopath who has failed at MLM and has a hatred for the industry. This is indicated by his stating, “I’m not even interested in this topic” yet here he is reading this topic… to the point he had to investigate further to find out who the author of the comment was; all to say he isn’t interested and to proclaim the author’s name. That, my friend, is disingenuous and shows your colors here.

    • I’m a dietitian in functional medicine and I use approved supplements that actually contain much of what Mr. Duncan uses and you don’t have to be in a multi marketing system to receive them. I too help people heal and over come multiple disorders. But I’m not a celebriity and I actually have credentials. Oh, and you don’t have to go on a automatic monthly shipment plan.

    • well thought out and correct i get alot of misplaced anger out of some of these blogs maybee they need some of those products do they have one for stress

  7. You must be kidding this Dr was trained by Dr Benard Jenson one of the greatest. So go to your Dr and get placed on 2 are 3 meds because all they will do is put a band aid on your problem.

  8. Great Article Erin! I am astounded that shows like The View, Dr. Oz and some news programs in California put someone like Lindsey Duncan on TV and don’t to any research into his credentials (or lack thereof) or his clear conflict of interest.
    In each and every case of him appearing on TV he is there to sell and promote products he sells through a convoluted series of companies, some that he is currently hiding his ownership of and others that he has admitted to owning. You can read more about this disturbing situation here:

    With regards to the issues you have brought up, his credentials are suspect at best, and as an astute commenter to my site pointed out, possibly illegal:
    “Dr. Lindsey Duncan might not just be unethical, he could be downright illegal. He (and his company, Genesis Today) appear to be in violation of Texas Penal Code 32.52 regarding the use of a Fraudulent, Substandard or Fictitious Degree to promote a business.
    “Dr.” Duncan claims his doctoral degree (he has no actual undergraduate degree) in “natural medicine” from Clayton College of Natural Health, a “distance learning” insitution that happens to appear on an official State of Texas website (the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board) under “Institutions Whose Degrees Are Illegal to Use in Texas, as determined by Texas Educational Code, Chapter 61, Section 61.302
    How he gets away with that, I don’t know.”
    That coupled with the fact that he is selling most of the green coffee bean extract in the US based upon one flimsy study (I say flimsy because the size of the study was so small), makes the View’s consistent and continual use of him as an expert seem more than merely questionable as well.

  9. Lindsey Duncan is not a doctor. He purchased his doctoral degree online from an internet diploma mill called “Clayton College” (which has since been shut down and is no longer in business). Clayton College was non-accredited and in most states it is illegal to use ficticious or substandard degrees to promote yourself or a business – including Duncan’s own home state of Texas. In fact, Texas specifically lists Clayton College as a school from which “degrees” are illegal to use. How he gets away with it I don’t know, but he is dishonest at best and a con artist at worst.

  10. While I appreciate your enthusiasm and professional expertise… I find multiple ideas that don’t mesh in your essay. As a registered nurse, working as a Director in Home Health and Hospice, I often teach clients/patients on their diets and perform what we call medication reconciliation s/p hospitalization. Side effects and contraindications and allergies are different species. Dr. Lindsey Duncan (you put his Doctor in parenthesis, I don’t) states that there are no side effects. Certainly if somebody has an allergy, they will have a negative reaction but this is not to be confused with a side effect or a contraindication. A side effect is something that occurs in a percentage of people taking the product that has nothing to do with an allergic reaction. A contraindication is a reason not to take a product because it doesn’t work well with something else being taken or it doesn’t work with a specific condition you may have or have a negative effect on that condition.

    Dr. Lindsey Duncan is a legitimate source of nutrition with over 28 years and over 45,000 clinical hours in nutrition and the environment.

  11. Sounds like WahWah to me. Referring to a nutritionist that has improved the lives of many thousands of people over many years as a “plumber” indicates to me that your credentials are suspect. Envy isn’t the way to debate nutrition. Neither is throwing mud.

  12. I hate to say it but EVERYONE who goes on TV is trying to make money or promote themselves. I don’t think that’s a valid argument. There are a lot of good people in this world that have to market themselves. I am not going to discuss his credentials because I have not done my research but it is unfair to discredit someone just because they are making money. Just because he makes money through marketing himself and his research does not mean he is not a good person who has done good research!!! Don’t be closed minded!

  13. I am shocked to see the MLM people out again in support of the fake ‘Dr.’ Lindsey Duncan. Please, I don’t have a problem with you people trying to hawk the crap that Lindsey Duncan has in his Multi-Level Marketing scheme called Genesis Pure, but PLEASE do not try to claim that Lindsey Duncan is a real doctor. He goes by the name of ‘Dr. Lindsey’ after all!! He purchased his degree from a diploma mill that had to shut down! It is on a list of specifically non-accredited schools. Other famous ‘graduates’ (I put graduates in quotes like I do with doctor because they really are purchasers of degrees, not graduates), include Gillian McKeith. You may not have heard of her but she was quite popular in the UK. She used the same Doctor term until the government ruled that she could not. You can read all about her here, but be warned, there are a lot of similarities between her and Lindsey Duncan.
    I have argued this with many of you before, Mark Ketchum the most, but I understand you want to make money selling Genesis Pure products. You have little or no research on the benefits of these products you are asking people to shell out good money for, so you fall back on believing in Lindsey Duncan. You trot out a defense of him that includes such tidbits as ‘Dr. Duncan touts education and decisive action as being the key to improving all aspects of health’ rather than including his education. I don’t want to get in the way of your money making, but please stop defending a man who bought his degree at a diploma mill as a doctor. It is an affront to everyone who earned a degree!! And Myles, I know you are more than disappointed with where Lindsey Duncan purchased his degree and his failure to gain actual qualifications for his honorific.
    Everything Erin has put in this post is correct. No TV show should ever use unnaccredited ‘doctors’ as references for dietary supplements. Period.

    • Interesting that doctors ‘accredited’ by the American Medical Association are in such high regard, but are killing people with their medications and unnecessary procedures while those who don’t have these highly regarded accreditations and are actually helping people get their health back are regarded as quacks. Seems a bit askew, don’t you think?

  14. Lol. Not surprised to see this discussion has spilled over into another blog that exposes Lindsey and GP for the scam they are. Nice to see you fine folks! LOL.

    • I scoff at the comment that you are “shocked to see MLM people out in support of Dr. Lindsey Duncan”. Why would you be “shocked”? Do you expect those that use these products and support the good doctor to not be out in support of him? The fact that you are lying about this reeks of failure. You probably failed at MLM or you are like the rest that try and devalue good things. There are physicians, physical therapists, registered dieticians, major university strength trainers, professional athletes, RNs, and other well educated people that love and use these products. There are many products out there in the same genre, yet they put their reputations and names on these products. Yea, I am sure you are the correct one. Grow up and get a life to where you don’t want to spend your time trying to wreck other’s livelihoods and instead, focus on something positive for yourself.

    • well after reading some of these blogs i see we have alot of experts on nutrition and it seems
      a degree qualifies you i have seen alot of MD doctors who are pathetic and knowledge is not
      always a direct result of a degree or title

  15. I suggest you do some more research on Dr Lindsay as I have. He is the real deal and so are his products, but there are always going to be criticisers and sceptics, it’s just human nature.

  16. I agree with everything you say. I love these products and have seen lives changed for greatness. My life has changed having found these products I feel wonderful. So Don t discredit someone who is helping thousands to get their lives on track. Drs have a license to kill, but you don t here the statistics . Drs kill people by the thousands with their drugs everyday. There patients taking their mind altering drugs are killing thousands everyday. THESE PRODUCTS ARE HELPING THOUSANDS ..

  17. Whether Lindsey Duncan is a real doctor or not, I don’t really care. His formulations are real and actually do what they say they’ll do. My daughter was on her death bed with asthma for the first 3 years of her life. We tried the traditional asthma PhD specialists and they couldn’t make her well despite all the horrific, side-effect riddled medications they put her on. Lindsey Duncan’s products have given her life and given me a healthy little girl and that’s all that matters to me. I will continue to believe in him because I have seen first hand what these products can do, not only for my daughter but many other family members with various ailments as well.

  18. I’ll admit I haven’t done a lot of research; meaning I have not looked online at information that is claiming to be true regarding the legitimacy of these product formulations. My credentials are not necessary, nor do any of you probably care. However, although I have not done my “research”, I have personally seen the products of GP formulated by Lindsey Duncan change the lives of hundreds of people; including myself and my family. Doctor or no doctor, this man has created a great company with a line of products that will continue to change peoples lives for the better; for health and wealth. Am I taking the products? Definitely, and I’ll never stop. Am I making money off of this company? Yes. I am proud to say I am a part of it too. Most of us would, or should, admit that we as humans have a general problem with our overall health. Pharmacological means of attempts to fix diseases/health conditions simply place a Band-Aid on this problem; with a high probability of causing adverse affects following the “need” for even more medication. I’m curious if some of the negativity toward this man is because, as a society, we are generally not accustomed to big change. I’m not saying Dr. Lindsey Duncan has the cure to all diseases, and I’m not saying all medications are bad. However, he is definitely on to something here, and it works. I tried to stay away from GP until I saw the many positive outcomes of the products from people around me; after that I couldn’t help but feel a need to join. Feel free to reply to this message, but please keep the comments to a good conversation. I have no urge to get into a negative debate over this topic, but I am very curious to read other opinions. Thanks.

  19. Blogs are for those who think they know but don’t. Until you have more than a handful of people stating that you know what you’re talking about, insulting others due to your pride is quite telling. I think the problem you are having with Dr. Duncan is that you didnt come up with this money making venture as he did. It shows that not only does he understand nutrition, but he a brilliant business man as well. Next time you are invited to be on Dr. Oz, the View, Fox and Friends, CNN, or CNBC, let us all know! Im sure you will enlighten us on what Dr. Duncan is doing wrong!

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