More on Functional Foods

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     Functional Foods or Superfoods exert health benefits beyond basic nutrition.  One such benefit is the antioxidants and phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables which can prevent cancer.

    Superfoods include fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.  These properties can also be added to other foods with are referred to as “fortified”.  Some dietary supplements may also contain functional food properties however evidence-based research supports the “whole food” approach over supplements.

     You do not need to look far and wide for these Functional characteristics.  Don’t be surprised if you are actually already eating these foods now and don’t need to purchase some exotic plant at a specialty store.  Many traditional foods are being discovered/studied for their functional capacity.  The key is to increase your intake of these foods for superfood benefits while limiting your intake of foods which can harm your health like those containing trans fats that harm your cardiac health.
By knowing which foods can provide specific health benefits, you can make food and beverage choices that allow you to take greater control of your health.  Below is a link to information on Functional Foods.


One thought on “More on Functional Foods

  1. Functional Food play a vital role in maintaining our health. They can provide all the basic nutrients that our body lacks. It should be taken by all to complete their diet.

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